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Plains Coreopsis

Plains coreopsis
(Coreopsis tinctoria)


  • 2 to 4 feet


  • June to September


  • New research indicates that it is probably not native to Kentucky and may or may not be native to Tennessee. It’s primary confirmed native range is west of the Mississippi River.
  • Annual to short-lived perennial


  • Full sun to part shade

Soil moisture:

  • Medium

Provides food for:

  • Butterflies / moths (flowers)
  • Native bees (flowers)
  • Songbirds (seeds, caterpillars and other insects)

Native Range:

Map credit: USDA Plants Database

Important note: While the USDA range map shows plains coreopsis as being native to much of the U.S., more recent research suggests this may not be the case with most of the eastern U.S. populations possibly originating from planted specimens. If your goal is a strictly native plant garden or you live near a wilder / more natural area, then you may want to skip this species.

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