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Habitat Consulting Services


Our goal is to help you create the pollinator and wildlife habitat of your dreams so you can enjoy your land and care for the plants and animals that also call your property home. We recognize that everyone’s needs are different, and our services reflect that. We’re here to provide you with whatever level of service you may need to achieve your pollinator and wildlife habitat dreams.

Even after we’ve helped you with your original habitat consulting needs, we will continue to be there for you – to answer questions, celebrate successes with you, or just geek out about some cool, new plant or animal you find.

Detailed Descriptions of Services

Habitat Survey

Creating the wildlife and pollinator habitat of your dreams starts with knowing your goals and what you already have on your property. During our habitat survey, we will help you focus your goals and learn what is already growing in your woods, fields, and “wilder areas.”

Most people are surprised to discover all the interesting plants and animals they already have. Rarely is someone starting completely from scratch. We’ll help you discover what you already have and find ways to build upon it to achieve your habitat dreams. We can do this for any property size from small residential lots to large rural acreages.

How it works:

  • We offer both virtual and on-site options for our habitat surveys.
  • To get started, please fill out our questionnaire.
    • This will allow us to learn a little bit about your property and give us a general overview of what you are wanting to do with it.
  • We’ll review your questionnaire, answer any questions you might have, ask any additional questions we may have, and provide you with a quote.
  • We’ll work with you to schedule a time for the habitat survey.

Habitat Creation Plan

Knowing what you want to accomplish isn’t the same as knowing how to do it. Sometimes you want a more detailed plan and additional guidance. That’s where our Habitat Creation Plans come in.

With our Habitat Surveys, you’ll receive a summary of everything we talk about, but our Habitat Creation Plans dig deeper. Our Habitat Creation Plans will provide you with a unique, customized plan that will guide you step-by-step as you turn your property into the pollinator and wildlife habitat of your dreams.