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False Indigo Bush

False indigo bush flowers

False Indigo Bush
(Amorpha fruticosa)


  • 6 to 10 feet


  • May to June


  • Native
  • Shrub


  • Full sun to part shade

Soil moisture:

  • Medium to wet

Provides food for:

  • Butterflies (flowers)
  • Honey bees (flowers)
  • Native bees (flowers)
  • Caterpillars (flowers, foliage)
  • Songbirds (caterpillars and other insects)


  • Note the genus for this species is Amorpha, not Baptisia. Wild blue indigo (Baptisia australis) is sometimes called false blue indigo, but is a native perennial, not a shrub.
  • Can form a thicket, but often grows in an open, tree-like form.

Native Range:

USDA range map for false indigo bush
Map credit: USDA Plants Database

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