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Allegheny Chinquapin / Dwarf Chestnut

Allegheny Chinquapin / Dwarf Chestnut flowers
Photo credit: George Pauly, cc-0

Allegheny Chinquapin / Dwarf Chestnut
(Castanea pumila)


  • 10 to 30 feet


  • June to July


  • Native
  • Tree or shrub


  • Full sun to part shade

Soil moisture:

  • Dry to Medium

Provides food for:

  • Squirrels and chipmunks (nuts),
  • White-tailed deer (nuts and foliage),
  • Woodpeckers (nuts),
  • Songbirds (nuts),
  • Turkey (nuts),
  • Quail (nuts),
  • Caterpillars (foliage)


  • Nuts smaller and often reported as sweeter than American chestnuts.
  • Can start producing nuts after only 2-3 years.
  • May be susceptible to chestnut blight.
  • Will stump sprout profusely if top of plant is killed.
  • Often produces multiple trunks and forms thickets.
  • Fire tolerant.
  • Must have two trees in order to get nuts.

Native Range:

USDA Range Map for Allegheny Chinquapin
Map credit: USDA Plants Database